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Howard County soccer is no stranger to dynasties,Custom Soccer Jerseysparticularlywith regards to state championships.

Somewhatmore than 30 years ago, Oakland Mills started the trend of stringing together consecutive state titles when their boys plan won back-to-back-to-back from 1979 to 1981. And within thethree decades given that,Soccer Jerseys county teams have managed to three-peat a spectacularfivefar moretimes.

Two of individuals teams, Wilde Lake (1981-1984) and River Hill (2002-2005), managed to win four straight crowns.

And if this year's Marriotts Ridge squad has anything to say about it,Real Madrid Jersey that list of four-peat champions could develop by 1 come the finish of November. The Mustangs, with eight starters back from final fall's group that hoisted their third straight trophy, possess alegitimate shot at a spot within the record books.

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"I try not to speak with them tooconsiderably about it simply because you do notneed toput any undue pressure on them,Barcelona Jersey; but they do possess areal shot (at tying that mark)," said Marriotts Ridge Kevin Flynn, who was really a member from the Wilde Lake championship teams from 1981-1983.

Flynn knows from that experience as a player and now as a coach that quite a fewdiverseelements play into going on this kind of run. Getting a guy to lead the way like senior Brad Martinelli, the only active member of this year's squad that also played on the 2009 championship team, certainlyis a greatlocationto start.

"It begins with talent and we've been fortunate adequateto possess some excellent players come by means of," Flynn stated. "But then it also requires some luck. Sometimes it comes down to maintaining your key players healthful and finding on the bestend of these games that could go either way."

This year,Manchester City Jersey the road back to theprime figures to possessplenty of those so referred to as "50-50" games, especiallyduring county play. Last year, by way of example, the Mustangs in fact lost 3times against league competitorsjust before regrouping to go on its season-ending run.

The wealth of talent from top to bottom within the county is arguably as robust as ever, evidenced by Reservoir winning lastthe initial time that isoccurred in county boys soccer background.

Reg Hahne, who is taking more than the head coaching job at Reservoir this fall,Chelsea Jersey says the quality of play is as goodbecause it was when he used to coach in the county back inside the 1980s and early 90s.

"The amount of soccer in the county right now is definitely as goodas it was back then, and there were some excellent teams," mentioned Hahne, who guided the Atholton boys to a state title in 1990. "It's thrillingto become back and be a part of it."

The list of prospective county title contenders is actually a lengthy 1. In thetop eight teams from a year ago, six return at least seven starters. River Hill, Centennial and Marriotts Ridge every single bring back two or much more all-county players.

Even the bottom three from a year ago, Oakland Mills, Hammond and Lengthy Reach,Spain Soccer Jersey bring back the majority of their players and have their eyes set on turnarounds. The Scorpions, with 10 starters back, are a well-known sleeper team this fall.

Using the season obtaining underway Aug. 31, here's a appear at every singlefrom the teams:


2011 record: 7-3-1 county; 8-4-1 overall

Prime players: Seniors Kyle Courtney (MF) and Zach Foster (F); junior Jack Jacobs (MF); sophomore Tariq Pitt-Bey (F).

What you need to know: The Raiders uncover themselves regrouping immediately after losing their major scorer, defender and goalie, along withnumerous other important pieces. That signifiesa great deal is going to be asked in thethree starters that do return - Foster, Jacobs and Pitt-Bey.

Pitt-Bey, a real speedster up leading, and Foster will likely be asked to shoulder the scoring load, even though Courtney and Jacobs are good guys to developaroundinside the middle. The areatogether with thelargestquery marks, although, is on defense where the group is breaking in 4 new defenders to go as well as a fresh face in net for the very first time in 4 years.

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